Friday, August 23, 2013


Happy Friday!  It's Seven Quick Takes time!

1.  Today is the feast of St. Rose of Lima, and therefore my nameday (thanks to my middle name).  I haven't settled on what treat I'm making for the occasion, but a pecan version of Smitten Kitchen's crisped peaches is a strong possibility.  I'll report back.

2.  It's also Mary Margaret's half birthday!  How in the world have six months gone by already?  Craziness.
(That dress is a 12 month...)

3.  This right here?
Trouble.  She's not actually pulling up to a stand yet, thank goodness, but she is yay-close, and she's figured out that Rita Mae keeps stuff she doesn't want Lil' Grabby to get on the hearth.  Guess it's time for a new hiding spot.

4.  Today RM asked for a "headtail."  I love it when she lets me put her hair up!

5.  In that picture, we're playing "Oopeeker" (RMish for Zookeeper), which involves RM climbing over/around/through my legs.  I'm the zookeeper; she's some combination of Curious George and the gorilla from Goodnight, Gorilla, and my legs and the exercise ball are the cage.  But sometimes she's on top of a bus (like George, again).  It's quite complicated.  Her imagination these days is just fascinating.

6.  Mary Liz is right that 5 Quick Takes is enough.

7.  Your prayers for St. Joseph of Cupertino Academy, a new tutorial program serving the Nashville Catholic homeschooling population, are appreciated.  Prayers accompanied by a little cash are even more appreciated.  Check out the website for more info (and the PayPal button)!

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