Tuesday, August 20, 2013

About Us

Welcome!  I'm taking another crack at this blogging thing.  The cast of characters has grown since my days at ND Law Wife.  These days, we have:

I'm Layla, a paralegal-turned-SAHM.  I was received into the Catholic Church in 2006, having been baptized in the Assembly of God denomination as a child and having attended a Presbyterian (PCA) church and school in junior high and high school.  I went to college in a soybean field in northwest Tennessee, got married right after graduation, and moved to the Arctic South Bend, Indiana for Paul's last two years of law school.  After his graduation, we moved back to Nashville, where I now endeavor to do something resembling homemaking. 

Paul is the man of the house, my beloved husband and favorite drinking buddy.  He's a Memphis native (therefore barbecue snob), a cradle Catholic (therefore rabid and lifelong ND fan), and a litigation associate (therefore worker of long hours). 

Rita Mae (born in November of 2010) is our firstborn.  She is high-energy, high-maintenance, and very, very sweet.  Current loves are Curious George, fresh tomatoes from Daddy's garden, and games of hide-and-seek.

Mary Margaret, aka Daisy, (born in February of 2013) is the easiest, happiest baby there ever was.  Hobbies include smiling, chewing on anything she can find (the less appropriate for baby-chewage, the better), and cheerfully shrieking.

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