Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rosary Show and Tell

Suscipio is hosting a "Show and Tell" link-up celebrating the month of the Most Holy Rosary.  So fun!

We have a lot of rosaries.  Most of them reside in our sacramental drawer (the drawer itself isn't get it.  "Sacramental drawer" just sounds nicer than "Catholic junk drawer").

This is after removing two hand missals and a copy of St. Louis de Montfort's Secret of the Rosary.
My favorite rosary was the first one I ever used.  It was a gift from Paul right before I started RCIA.  He got it from the priest who was the chaplain of the college Newman group.  It was blessed by JPII.

It is relatively small, the result of which is that most normal rosaries intended for adults feel awkwardly long to me.
It's not the most beautiful rosary in my collection, but it does mean the most to me.  As I said, it's the first rosary I ever used, the one I learned on.  The hyperdulia afforded to the Blessed Virgin was one of the things that drew me to the Church--it just made sense to me that we ought to love Jesus's mother and ask her to pray for us.  I was excited to learn to pray in this way, and Paul taught me, mostly over the phone.  I'd say this is my second favorite sacramental he's given me over the years (with #1 being my wedding band).

Join in the show and tell fun over at Suscipio!


  1. Lovely!! Just a beautiful rosary....Love the Catholic junk drawer quip! Sounds familiar!

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. That is no junk drawer. It's Awesome!
    Hmmm I may have to create one just to say I have one! haha
    Love your post.

  3. LOL!! "Catholic Junk Drawer"!! And? I never though of my wedding band as a sacramental before.

  4. Hi Layla. I'm so happy you linked up with your rosary. I love the bright red, love it! And I have a Sacramental drawer too! I just never thought to call it that.

  5. BEAUTIFUL! I don't have a sacramental drawer, but I have a sacramental night stand? If that makes sense? It's where I keep all my Catholic things (scapulars, books, rosaries, statues, bibles, you get the picture!) Definitely not a Catholic Junk Nightstand, but that's what I'd call it too :) I love your rosaries...and that it was blessed by (soon to be Saint!!!) JPII