Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Five Favorites: Irish Edition

Linking up once again with Hallie for this week's Five Favorites.

It's almost football season!  This week, I have for you five of Rita Mae's favorite Irish YouTube videos.  Girlfriend loves her some "Nomer Mame" music.

1.  "Icktry Cwog and Icktry Mawch...the one with dose boys in the big tall hats"

2. "Twumpets!"

3.  "The 'Magic' One"

4.  "Hike Hike Hike Hike...the one with dat little boy"  (We found this randomly on YouTube one day, but the little boy is actually the nephew of a friend of ours...the Internet makes this a small world, doesn't it?)

5.  "Awma Mommer"/"The 'Tender' One"

Go Irish!  Beat Owls!

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