Friday, August 30, 2013

Seven Quick Ones

Linking up with Jen for another installment.

1. I was all set to write a picture-heavy post about what an awesome week it's been, but in the process of moving pictures from my camera to the computer, every last file on my SD card went poof.  So now I just want to cry/throw up.  I think everything that was on the card had already been copied to the computer except the pictures from the last week...but I'm giving myself a pep talk about the spiritual importance of detachment all the same.

2.  Since typing Take 1, I found a data recovery program that was able to pull the pictures from the ether.  Unfortunately, you have to pay to actually recover the files.  Fortunately, there's a "Preview File" option, and I know how to make a screen cap.  It's painstaking, but I'm getting my pictures back, dagnabit.  There are a few that didn't make it (boo!), but I got back most of the ones I hadn't already backed up.  Phew!  (I'm really not very good at the detachment thing.)

3.  So, back to my awesome week.  On Tuesday, we went out to my great aunt's house for the afternoon.  We went swimming; the girls got to ride on the tractor [kicking my self for not bringing the camera for this!], and we picked apples.  Oh, did we pick apples--four 5-gallon buckets' worth.  They are amazing, and it will be so nice to be able to pull them out of the freezer this winter.
About 1/10 of our haul.  I'm s-l-o-w-l-y getting them washed/cored/frozen.
4.  Wednesday morning brought a playdate with our favorite ladies.  We are so, so blessed to have such amazing friends.

(Rita Mae clearly needs her friend to teach her how to look normal in pictures.)

5.  Behold the two happiest babies there ever were:

6.  Daisy had her first solid food last night.  We gave her some chunks of roasted sweet potato and just let her go to town, baby-led weaning style.  She did really well! 
(The picture for this one is on my husband's phone...)

7.  This infographic was amusing.  The Merlot entry hits me close to home.
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  1. Oh my gosh! I would either burst into tears or break something if I lost all the photos off my camera! I glad you were able to recover most of yours.

    And that wine chart is hilarious!

  2. Oh how I love you! 1) RM looks precious in that picture. 2) I'm so proud of Daisy... And you! Was it messy? 3) the wine chart speaks truth to me the boxed wino.