Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Five Current Favorites

Joining Hallie once again, because I'm incapable of creating original content that isn't in the form of a link up/list.

There is almost nothing worth cooking that can't be cooked in one of these.  It is actually impossible to make decent cornbread without one.  You can't beat them for caramelizing onions at a tailgate.  I don't know how anyone functions in a kitchen that isn't well-stocked with Lodge cast iron.

Summer, and therefore G&T season, is officially over, but it's still 80 degrees here, and this stuff is wonderful.  You'll never go back to grocery store tonic.

If I were the sonnet-writing sort, I would write sonnets about this coffee.  It's roasted by Carmelite monks in Wyoming, and it is practically perfect in every way.  We've had a few different roasts and flavors and have loved them all.  Our go-to is the Midnight Vigils extra-bold blend, but Hazelnut might have been my personal favorite.  Yum.

To really put the superiority of that Mystic Monk coffee over the top, use one of these to brew it.  I was skeptical at first, but it really does make the best cup of coffee. 

I didn't manage to take a picture of mine, so you get to enjoy the above from Natalie Lewis.  (The product actually looks very similar, but I can guarantee that this photography is better than mine would have been.)  The linked recipe is not exactly like mine (my pimiento cheese has a little more mayo and no American cheese), but the concept is the same, and oh my was it good.  I made these for a little family Labor Day get-together but almost had none to take because I wanted to eat the entire tray.  This was one of those instances where I thought I'd had a great, original idea only to have the Googles inform me that a million people have already done it.  Oh well.  Still delicious, and the perfect use for the boat-load of jalapenos my great uncle sent home with me after our recent excursion to the garden.

I'm apparently awfully hungry/thirsty this week.  Find more favorites at the link-up!


  1. I've been looking at replacing a couple pans with cast iron lately. I need a good large skillet!

    and I have tried coffee prepared a lot of ways; I've been wanting to try Greek but this prep you mentioned looks interesting...

    1. Cast iron is the best! It is non-stick without the worry of weird black stuff flaking off into your food, you don't have to use any special utensils with it, it holds heat amazingly, and it's great with any heat source. You can't beat Lodge for quality/price (and I'm not just saying that because it's a Tennessee product, but I am proud that it is!).

      The Chemex takes a little longer hands-on than some methods, but the flavor you get from it is incredible. And it looks nifty! :)