Sunday, December 1, 2013

Tutu Pig

Tonight at dinner we were introduced to Rita Mae's first imaginary friend.  "Tutu Pig" is a pig who wears a tutu (you don't say), because she is a ballerina, much like RM's favorite scene in Olivia.  Apparently Tutu Pig doesn't know Olivia, but RM plans to introduce them.  Tutu turned three on Rita Mae's birthday and lives in a house "pretend across the street."  She and Rita Mae like to play with toys together.

Tutu Pig wasn't at dinner with us tonight because she was "on a trip out of town."  When I asked RM where Tutu went, she told me, "the airport."  Further inquiries revealed that Tutu Pig had flown to Chattanooga (a favorite pretend destination of RM's since our [real] trip there this summer).

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