Monday, April 7, 2014

A Visit to Jesus

Yesterday on our way home from a birthday party, RM asked to make a visit to the chapel at our neighborhood church. We entered, and she very sweetly (if a bit noisily/exuberantly) went and gave kisses to the statues of Mary and St. Joseph. Then, kneeling before the Tabernacle, the following exchange was had:

Me: Would you like to say a prayer together?
RM: No prayer. I just want to talk to Him myself.
Me: Ok, go ahead.
RM: I love you, Jesus. Thank You.
Me: *instantly weepy* That's very good, baby. Jesus loves you so much. What are you thanking Him for?
RM: Thank You, Jesus, for being in the Tabernacle so we can visit, and thank You for being in Heaven so we can live there with You some day.

One of those heartwarming moments that makes me think I might be getting something right along the way, in spite of myself. God, help me foster her love for You and her pursuit of Heaven, always.


  1. Hey blogging in 2014! You have a sweet little girl and are a great teacher!